Serial Console Access From Vyatta


After making it possible to install additional packages from the Debian repositories on your Vyatta installation, you may be looking for some creative uses of this new capability. One of the first things I do on many of my Vyatta installations is to install a terminal emulator that I can use to connect to other […]

Fedora Boots to Black Screen

Had an issue today with Fedora 14 where after a video driver change the machine would boot to a black screen and allow no key entry. I tried everything from a CTRL-ALT-F2 to connecting a separate monitor with no luck. Read on after the break to see how I was able to fix this issue.

How to disable a Vyatta firewall rule

The Vyatta software is a great tool that I use often. I was recently asked if for Vyatta is it possible to “disable” a firewall rule in the configuration rather than deleting it? In many of today’s gui driven firewalls the enabling or disabling of firewall rules requires only the checking or unchecking of a box however, […]

How To Screen Capture in Mac OSX

Having a thorough knowledge of the built in capabilities that your operating system offers will allow you to take advantage of everything that is being available for free without the need to purchase additional utility software. One great resource for Mac users are the very handy screen capture commands at your disposal. There are many uses for […]

How to upgrade Cisco ASA with SCP

It is possible to upgrade the ios on your Cisco ASA via scp and it is easier than you may think. Follow these steps to easily upgrade the ios on your box. First make sure that you have the following available to you: Version of code that you want to install copied to a local […]

What is the difference between IP Default-Gateway and IP Default-Network commands

In Cisco IOS what is the difference between the ip default-network and the ip default-gateway commands and when should I use one instead of the other? It is fairly easy to get these two commands confused especially when you are first learning. It is important that your initial understanding be complete for when each command is used appropriately. Read on […]